Amanda Estremera is the Founder & CEO of Juvé Femmé. she is a Proud

 afro-Boricua, mother of 3, 

Fashion-preneur and Aspiring Fashion Designer.


Amanda is a teen mother who has overcame her insecurities and fear. as a result she created Juve Femme.


Amanda has a passion for women’s fashion. With her keen eye for fashion and HER-Story she inspires women to overcome their insecurities. Amanda has used fashion to help women find their beauty and confidence from the inside out!


Amanda believes that as women, it is our responsibility to not only empower but to create opportunities to ensure the next woman is given a chance to win!


She has created #UnleashYourFemmeFatale a movement that has helped women find and unleash their confidence UNAPOLOGETICALLY!!


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